Safety Innovations provides multiple product solutions to suit your agencies specific needs. We provide durable body cameras, comprehensive evidence management systems, and various radio accessories. To learn more, check out some of our products below.


The VidMic VX™ is a revolution in body worn cameras, integrating a radio microphone with the camera. This combination does not add any equipment to your officers' existing duty gear load, while also keeping the camera discreet and unobtrusive. The VidMic VX™ works with over 200 models of common radios, contains 8, 16, 32, or 64GB of internal memory, automatically downloads evidence when docked for charging, and includes standard or extended life batteries.

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The VidMic VX doubles as both a body worn camera and a radio microphone in a single user-friendly device. The microphone and camera functions are completely separate within the unit, ensuring continuous use of the speaker mic regardless of the condition of the camera. The VidMic VX is compatible with over 200 makes and models of popular radios and adds no additional gear to an officer's uniform or duty belt.

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You’re using your hard-fought budget to buy cameras! Make sure your not breaking the bank with your chosen Camera/Evidence Management Solution. The combination of the VidMic VX and VidVault™ has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our solution will help you stay within budget allowing you to buy the other tools that keep your officers safe.

Hard drive


Storage can get expensive over time! When selecting your solution make sure that your camera and software will allow you to keep storage costs to a minimum. The VidMic VX requires 3 to 7 times less storage that other cameras on the market without sacrificing important image and audio quality. Less storage needed means more money for other things.

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The VidMic VX security features ensure all recorded media remains in the permissible boundaries of admissible evidence. When VidMic VX is used with VidVault, chain of custody can be tracked by detailed audit trail reports from the time of evidence capture to when the evidence is requested. Keep you evidence secure with the combination of VidMic VX and VidVault.

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Field of View for Police Body Camera


Our AccuView™ technology provides exceptional images giving you beautiful detailed video while saving space. This technology adjusts automatically to light just like the human eye, between high and low light conditions rapidly, ensuring great image quality at all times. Most cameras require more storage space and don’t provide good imaging in all lighting conditions. Capture high quality evidence with AccuView technology.

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A camera’s lens can make or break the recording. Too wide the camera sees details the officer can’t see, too narrow and the camera misses items the officer can see. Our 92° horizontal field of view is the perfect balance capturing all the details up close while retaining a clear, undistorted view.

Rotate Dial
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Having enough battery power is essential for recording an officer’s entire shift. VidMic VX’s SuperLast™ battery provides 14 hours of battery life and a 5 hour recharge time. Seeing as the average recording time for the industry is just 1.7 to 2 hours per shift, VidMic VX has plenty of power to meet the demands of law enforcement.


BackTrack™ technology is always recording. It will add up to 45 seconds of captured video prior to the officer pressing the record button. The BackTrack recording buffer is configured in the VidVault device configuration menu and can be set up for a single officer or for a whole division. BackTrack can make all the difference when capturing required pre-event data.


VidSync™, our rugged steel built 10 unit docking stations are wall mountable and can be daisy chained together allowing you to charge and sync up to 40 cameras through a single USB port. All media evidence is automatically uploaded and securely logged into the VidVault software with VidSync. For mass syncing and charging of your body worn cameras look no further than the VidSync docking stations.

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VidMic VX can integrate easily with other systems such existing in-car solutions or other evidence management systems. VidMic VX’s sophisticated API (application programing Interface) allows access to all the features of this incredible mic/camera combination. If you are interested in adding a combination mic/camera to your department the VidMic VX is right for you.

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