Features / Benefits

The VidMic VX™ officer-worn video device was designed with input from police officers to meet the unique needs of public safety professionals. Key features include:

  • Covert video and audio recorder
  • Fully-functional speaker microphone
  • Nothing added to the uniform or duty belt
  • Tamper safeguards and Chain of Custody
  • Light weight and easy to use

To learn more about why the VidMic VX™ is the number one choice of public safety professionals worldwide, read the data sheet below.


The VidMic VX™ is trusted by public safety, private security and military professionals worldwide.

I would highly recommend the VidMic™ to any agency as a must purchase for their officers. It will pay for itself very quickly in decreased court time for their officers.

Sheriff JP Semrad, Oneida County Sheriffs Department, Malad, Idaho, USA

VidMic VX™ Models

RadioPart Number
Motorola GP9000 VM-VX-1000
Motorola MTX 900 VM-VX-1000
Motorola MTX838 VM-VX-1000
Motorola MTX 9000 VM-VX-1000
Motorola EX 600 VM-VX-1005
Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 6350 VM-VX-1006
Don't see your radio listed above?

Product Literature

Information abut the VidMic VX™ body-worn camera:



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VidMic VX™

VidMic VX™ Data Sheet title=Download Data Sheet


From traffic cameras to meter readers, video cameras have been proven to enhance the safety and effectiveness of public safety professionals. Since 2005, the VidMic™ officer-worn video system has been protecting officers from false complaints of wrongdoing, aiding in successful prosecutions and helping find and bring criminals to justice. The VidMic VX™ features over 100 enhancements to the original design including mind-blowing low-light capabilities, increased resolution, up to 12 hours of battery life, up to 20 hours of video storage, and much more.

The VidMic VX™ is an industry-standard speaker microphone with an embedded video camera and audio recorder. Its military-grade camera can record video and capture still photos in almost complete darkness – allowing it to see even more than the officer can. The fully-functional speaker microphone is compatible with nearly every radio available and draws no more power from the radio than an ordinary speaker microphone. Flexible capacity provides secure storage for up to 20 hours of video recordings. The device’s internal battery provides up to 12 hours of runtime. The unit is lightweight and easy to use – with very little training required to get up and running. The VidMic VX™ is light on agency budgets with a flexible platform that can be upgraded over time to meet the needs of agencies as new advancements in technology and regulation emerge.

Because it adds nothing to the uniform, is easy to use, is affordable and features industry-leading audio and video technology, the VidMic™ is the number one choice of law enforcement and public safety officers worldwide. Since its release, it has assisted in clearing thousands of officers of false accusations. Agencies worldwide use this valuable tool to reduce costs and administrative burdens while improving officer performance.


The VidMic VX™ is the most advanced officer-worn video device in the market today. With industry leading video capabilities, electronics and security safeguards, the VidMic VX™ is the officer-worn video device of choice for public safety professionals worldwide.

Digital Video Camera—The VidMic VX™ features a rugged digital camera capable of capturing video and taking still-frame photos. The camera is designed for public safety professionals with the proper balance of resolution, battery life, storage usage and variable light capabilities. The video recorder captures video at a rate of 30 frames per second at a resolution of 640×480 pixels (0.3 Megapixels or standard definition). The camera and lens are equipped for low-light recording with the ability to capture standard definition video and still photos at light levels as low as 0.6 lux (so dark you can hardly see your hand in front of your face) without supplemental illumination. The VidMic VX™ rapidly adjusts to changing light levels. The wide angle lens provides an industry-leading 92° wide field of view allowing the VidMic VX™ to capture nearly everything in the officer sees. Two built-in microphones allow the audio recorder to clearly record in real-time nearly everything that an officer hears.

Speaker Microphone—The VidMic VX™ appears and operates as a standard speaker microphone that attaches to almost any radio. The speaker microphone features configurable microphone sensitivity, adjustable speaker volume, and an optional emergency button. The speaker microphone draws its power from the radio and draws no more power than a standard speaker microphone. All communication functions operate completely separately from the camera system. Communication is not affected in any way by the camera or the internal battery. You never lose your lifeline of communication so long as your radio is functional.

Digital Storage—The VidMic VX™ ships with standard 8GB of internal storage. The standard storage is sufficient to store up to 5 hours of video. Storage is upgradeable to 16GB or 32GB of depending on department requirements, allowing up to 20 hours of video evidence to be recorded between downloads. Memory may be upgraded after purchase at any factory authorized service center.

Digital Video Processor— The VidMic VX™ includes an industry-first, on board digital video processor. The digital processor compresses and stores digital audio and video recordings in real time. The digital processor enables support for real-time video streaming, real-time video processing and much more.

Battery Life and Power Features—The VidMic VX™ was designed to last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Actual battery life varies depending on the number and length of video recordings. Minimum battery life on a full charge is 5 hours of continuous video and maximum battery life is 15 hours operating in standby mode. The light-weight, built-in Lithium-ion battery charges quickly and provides consistent duty for up to three years between replacements

Radio Compatibility—The VidMic VX™ is compatible with nearly every radio in use by public safety professionals today. In addition, the VidMic VX™ utilizes Safety Innovations’ modular cable system, which ensures that in most cases your department can change radios with only the purchase of a new cable.

Software—The VidMic VX™ runs Safety Innovations’ proprietary VXOS™ embedded operating system. VXOS™ protects digital evidence from tampering and maintains the chain of custody – important factors to ensure that video evidence is admissible in court. Like smartphones and tablet computers, the operating system is upgradeable as new features, patches and software programs are released – ensuring that your investment in a VidMic VX™ today will not be obsolete a year from now.

Customization—The VidMic VX™ has a variety of configuration options designed to allow the device to comply with numerous regional legal, regulatory and agency requirements. The case has two recording indicators, one on the front and one on the top. By default the recording indicators are enabled, but these may be disabled. The device has an internal speaker which is configured to beep once when a recording starts and twice when the recording is completed. The beep can be disabled. The VidMic VX™ is configured by default to record both audio and video. The Audio and Video recording functions can be independently enabled or disabled, allowing the device to record audio and video, audio only or video only. The screen-sleep timer is set by default to 15 seconds for power savings. The sleep timer can be configured as low as 5 seconds or as high as 5 minutes. The microphone sensitivity is set by default to medium, but may be configured to a lower or higher setting for optimal performance.


The VidMic VX™ increases probability of successful prosecutions, protects officers from false accusations, improves officer safety and increases officer productivity.

Prosecution—Video evidence from the VidMic VX™ improves the probability of successful prosecution. Photographic and video evidence have been proven to be highly persuasive in trials (Peterson, 2010). Through the lens of the camera, the judge and jury can see and hear exactly what happened during an encounter or view evidence as it existed prior to processing. When asked to rate the effectiveness of video evidence, 92 percent of prosecutors rated it either highly successful or successful (IACP, 2004). In addition, prosecutors noted that video evidence enhanced their ability to gain convictions and increased the number of guilty pleas prior to trial.

Protection—The VidMic VX™ protects officers from false allegations of unlawful use of force, misconduct and negligence. An IACP study found that half of all complaints against officers are dropped with the complainant learns the incident was caught on video and ninety-three percent of officers charged with misconduct are exonerated when video evidence is available (IACP, 2004). VidMic™ users always have a silent witness with them – ready to document any encounter, any crime scene and any action taken by the officer.

Safety— The VidMic VX™ improves officer safety by improving citizen behavior. According to research commissioned by the US Department of Justice, 33% of officers report feeling safer while on camera. The study further found that 48 percent of officers reported successfully de-escalating potentially dangerous confrontations with citizens by simply informing them that the encounter was being caught on video (US DOJ, 2004). Indeed, it would not surprise us at all if at some point in the future, an officer somewhere heard the words– “don’t video me bro!”.

Efficiency—How much of your officers’ time is spent in court? Because the VidMic VX™ provides firsthand video testimony of what the officer saw while at a crime scene, less time must be spent by officers appearing and testifying firsthand. 58 percent of prosecutors using video evidence reported a decrease in the time they spent in court. 64 percent of convictions with video evidence were upheld on appeal (IACP, 2004). The VidMic VX™ helps keep officers out of court and out on patrol.

Performance—The VidMic VX™ improves the performance and public perception of officers. Have you ever noticed that people behave differently when they are on camera? Officers and citizens are no different. A study of citizens found that 51 percent of citizens surveyed said that their behavior would change if they were aware that their interaction with a public safety officer was being captured on camera (IACP, 2004). The same study found that officers using video wrote more citations than those not using video.

Evidence Admissible in Court—Video is only valuable if it is admissible in court. One of the critical factors in affecting admissibility of video evidence is the chain of custody (Hak, 2004). The VidMic VX™ automatically maintains a clear chain of custody for every video and every encounter – helping ensure that video recordings captured with the device will aid prosecutors in obtaining convictions. The VidMic™ has been used effectively to confirm lawful entry, to document lawful use of force, to record crimes in progress, to document destruction of evidence and to collect evidence at crime scenes.

Risk—The VidMic VX™ helps to reduce frivolous lawsuits against agencies. Less lawsuits means fewer officers tied up in administrative proceedings. Fewer complaints means more time and budget dollars are available for agency priorities rather than fighting baseless accusations. Less frivolous lawsuits also means officers and supervisors spend more time doing public safety work and less time filling out forms, reviewing incidents and ultimately less time in court.

Training Enhancement—The VidMic VX™ enhances in-service training by allowing officers to review examples of how other officers in their own department handled real-life situations. Instead of purchasing expensive training videos, supervisors can provide up-to-date, relevant training based on the experiences their officers have in their own localities. Video recordings of officer actions can also be used in one-on-one performance reviews to highlight the strengths of officers and to help them find areas for improvement.