Total Cost of Ownership

The VidMic, VidCam and VidVault software combined is the most flexible and secure evidence management solution on the market. Safety Innovations has over 10 years manufacturing and selling body worn cameras and 20 years providing radio accessories to law enforcement and the military.

Piggy Bank


Let’s shoot straight for a few moments. Body worn camera and evidence management solutions are, for the most part, purchased with Tax dollars. It is imperative that these dollars be used wisely to meet all the needs of those who protect us everyday.

No Monthly Fees

No monthly fees necessary

Don’t be fooled by those who say their software is free and their cameras cost less. Most of us have cell phones, right? How does that work? With the wireless companies you pay $0-$300 for the latest phone and then you pay a monthly fee of, let’s say, $40 a month (forever!) We all know the phone in real dollars costs about $800 and software in and behind the phone cost a lot to operate as well. So how does the wireless company make money, lots of money. You're right, through the monthly fees.

No Monthly Fees
Piggy Bank


We like shooting straight, so let’s shoot. We don’t hide any of the above stated costs in monthly fees. Both the VidMic VX™ and VidCam VX™ cost $599 loaded with extended 14 hour battery, wireless, and a full one year replacement warranty on the camera, VidVault™ software license and standard phone technical support.

The Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership is the total cost you pay for a whole solution overtime. The calculator below helps you figure out the TCO for the solution you're currently considering.

TCO is simple to calculate:

  • Camera $ = The cost of one camera
  • Y1 - Y3 = Annual fees incurred on a one camera basis (warranty, storage, evidence management, etc)
  • # Officers = Number of officers using cameras
  • For example, you have 200 officers and a company wants to sell you cameras for $800 dollars each. Storage, warranty, and software licensing costs $500 dollars per year for each camera. Your total 3 year TCO is $460,000.






) X

= $799,000


($0 + 948 + 948 + 948) X 200 = $568,800



($199 + 660 + 660 + 600) X 200 = $423,800


Safety Innovations

($645 + $399 + $399 + $399) X 200 = $368,400

Total Cost of Ownership

We are convinced our solution offers the lowest TCO for your department.